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On May 29th,  a notice was sent out to all customers informing them that they will need to install a cut-off on the outside of their meter box due to our installing the new Automatic Read Meters.  This notice has caused a panic throughout the system and I do apologize for not being more informative in this notice.  Installing these cut-offs IS NOT something that has to done immediately.  Installing the Automatic Read Meters is currently scheduled out over a 5 year plan, unless we are able to fund it through a grant, then it will be sped up.  We are currently working in the areas of 49th St., Wilson St., Silo, Sunny Meadows and Remington.  These areas are currently priority and all other areas will receive another notice with their bill as we change locations.  We just wanted all customers to have a prior notice that they will be required to have their own cut-off.  This is to benefit the customer as well as the water district, so that you have access to shut your water off anytime without the water district's assistance.  We appreciate you cooperation in this matter.