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2018 Annual Meeting Notice

As required by Art. XII of the By-Laws of Bryan Co. Rural Water District #2 you are hereby notified that the 2018 Annual Meeting will be called to order on Monday, November 12, 2018 at 6:30 P.M. at the Rural Water District #2 Office located at 9077 US Hwy 70, Mead, OK 73449. The purpose of this meeting is to elect officers and inform Members about the state of the Water District. Directors Jerry L. Lewis, Bob Butlan and John Hoefer terms have expired. All Board Member positions are three-year terms and all new directors are required to attend 6 hrs of Board Member Training. Mr. Lewis, Mr. Butlan and Mr. Hoefer have volunteered to serve another term. The Order of Business of this meeting shall be as follows: 6:30 p.m. - Call to order: Proof of Notice: Reading of Minutes of the November 13, 2017 Meeting: Report of Officers and/or Committees: Election of Directors (no voting necessary as the only applications received were from Jerry Lewis, Bob Butlan and John Hoefer – will be re-elected by acclamation): Voting on Proposed Amendment to Art. VI, Sec 6a & 6d and Art. XIII, Sec 6 of the By-Laws (Proposed Amendment posted in the front window of the Water District Office and on our website www.ruralwater2.com.) New Business: Adjournment. Following the Annual Meeting the Board will convene into a Special Meeting for election of Officers for the 2018/2019 FY.



METHODS OF PAYMENT: We accept Visa/Master Card/Discover, Checks and Cash in our office. We ask that, if you are paying by cash, that you pay with exact change. We do not keep cash/change in our office. If you do not have exact change, the overpayment will be applied to your account for credit. We are making all efforts to “Go Green”, so we encourage all customers to go to our website at www.ruralwater2.com and use our new Online Bill Pay and E-Bill service and sign up for paperless billing. Credit card and check payments can both be made on this site and can be set up to reoccur monthly. This service is currently free of charge. We also offer a free and easy Bank Draft Program. Your water bill will automatically be drafted from your bank account on the 10th of each month, which in turn will guarantee no late fees or disconnects. If you are interested in this program, please go to our website and click on forms and complete the Automatic Bank Draft Form and submit it to our office.

BILLS: Water bills are not calculated until the 29th of each month, therefore, please DO NOT call in and request the amount of your current month’s bill until after the 29th. Bills not paid by the Due Date (the 10th of each month) shall be subject to a late charge. Any unpaid late fees will reflect on the following month’s bill. Failure of the District to submit a service bill shall not excuse the consumer from his obligation to pay for the water used.

DISCONNECTION: If Water District personnel makes a trip for disconnect, a $50.00 S.C. will be charged whether the meter is locked or not. After a delinquent account has been disconnected and the reason for the discontinued service has been eliminated, the Water District will reconnect the service in a normal course of its daily workload. If bill is paid online after di sconnection, customer will need to notify office personnel to get water turned back on. Balance of account and disconnect fee must be paid before water service will be restored. Water service that has been disconnected due to nonpayment will not be restored after hours or on weekends/holidays. Tampering with a meter is a Federal Offense and all guilty parties will be charged applicable fees set forth within the Policy & Procedures rate schedule.

RIGHT OF ACCESS: Our Rules & Regulations state that “meters shall be set in an accessible place on the outside of buildings and fences except where otherwise directed by the District”. All fences must be around the meter or a hand gate must be provided no more than 5 feet from the meter for access to read and maintain. Also, customers must maintain the grass/weeds around the meter for access to read. If proper access is not provided, the Water District will install a hand gate and all charges for labor and materials will be charged to the customer’s account. If the Water District is forced to mow/weedeat the grass/weeds to and around the meter the customer will be charged a $25.00 Service Charge each time. These charges went into effect November 1, 2017.

SERVICE IS FOR SOLE USE OF THE CONSUMER: A standard water and sewer service connection is for the sole use of the applicant/ consumer and does not permit the extension of pipes to transfer water or sewer from one property to another, not to share, resell, or sub meter water to any other consumer or allow another user to connect to the applicant’s water/sewer line. If an emergency should make such an arrangement advisable, it shall be done only on specific written permission of the Board of Directors for the duration of the emergency.

CONTINUITY OF SERVICE: The District will not accept responsibility for losses, which might occur due to necessary interruptions and will not accept responsibility for losses which might occur due to interruptions to service caused by storms, strikes, floods, or other causes beyond its control.

CONSUMER’S RESPONSIBILITY: The consumer shall be responsible for any damage to the meter other than normal wear and tear. The cost to repair waterlines, fire plugs, valves, etc., due to damages caused by contractors/consumers will be charged to the contractor/ consumer. If you have any questions about your water usages please, recheck your meter reading, check for leaky toilets and for leaks on your service line before calling the office. The meters have a triangle, a light or numbers on the face of the meter. If the triangle is turning, the light is flashing, or the numbers are turning, there is a possible leak. Upon customer’s request, the Water District will make one courtesy call to the residence to recheck the meter reading and leak detector. All additional recheck requests to the same residence will be charged a $25.00 trip fee. These charges went into effect November 1, 2017.

EMERGENCY ON-CALL: Standby personnel are always available (24 hours a day/7days a week). If you have a water/sewer (sewer pertains to those residents in Hilltop I, II & III and the Willowville Area only) related EMERGENCY after hours, please call our on-call # 916-1880. Please do not call this number for payment arrangements, account balances, disconnects, etc. These are not considered emergencies and a service charge will be applied to accounts for after hour NON-EMERGENCY call outs.